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Cyprus Property Prices at lowest levelsCyprus Property Rises 2016

Cyprus Property Rises 2016 sales in Cyprus seem to be showing signs of recovery, after March saw a significant increase, up 19% in sales compared to March 2015.

According to the island’s Land Registry data, which looked at the total number of property sale contracts submitted to the Registry, the sale contracts reached 539 in March this year, compared to 452 in March 2015.

Meanwhile, the first quarter of 2016 recorded 1367 of sale contracts compared to 1098 in the corresponding quarter of 2015, recording an increase of 24%.

Significant growth in Cyprus Property Rises 2016 was also recorded in sales from foreign buyers with an almost four-fold increase in sales by foreign buyers at 157 sales this March compared to just 41 in March last year.

In Nicosia, March sale contracts recorded a small decrease of 1% reaching 82, compared to 83 in March 2015.

In Limassol, sales increased in March by an impressive 23% to 197 compared to 160 in March last year.

Larnaca also recorded a 23% rise – with 121 sales compared to 98 in March 2015.

Meanwhile, Famagusta recorded an impressive 94% spike in sales recorded in March compared to last year, although the number of sales compared to other towns was significantly less – at 33 sales in March compared to 17 in 2015 of the same month.

There was also some respite for Cyprus Property Rises 2016 in Paphos with a 13% rise, with 106 sales recorded compared to 94 in 2015.


Courtesy The Cyprus Weekly

Cyprus Property grant for acquisition of first residence

PWC CYPRUS has recently published the 2013 edition of its Tax, Facts & Figures guide that provides information about the tax system in Cyprus, based on the current tax legislation and practice as at January 2013.

The PwC guide includes a section concerning the VAT (Value Added Tax) concessions for those buying property on the island as their first and primary residence: Reduced VAT rate of 5 per cent Imposition of the reduced rate of 5 per cent on the acquisition and/or construction of residences for use as the primary and permanent place of residence. Cyprus Property grant for acquisition of first residence.

The reduced rate of 5 per cent applies to contracts that have been concluded from 1 October 2011 onwards provided they relate to the acquisition and/or construction of residences to be used as the primary and permanent place of residence for the next 10 years.

For contracts concluded up to 30 September 2011 for the acquisition and/or construction of residences for use as the primary and permanent place of residence, the eligible person must apply for a grant.

The reduced rate of 5 per cent applies for the first 200 square meters of residences of total covered area of up to 275 square meters. In the case of families with more than 3 children the allowable total covered area increases by 15 square meters per additional child beyond the three children. The reduced rate is imposed only after obtaining a certified confirmation from the VAT Commissioner. The eligible person must submit an application on a special form, issued by the VAT Commissioner, which will state that the house will be used as the primary and permanent place of residence. The applicant must attach a number of documents supporting the ownership rights on the property and evidencing the fact that the property will be used as the primary and permanent place of residence.

As from 8 June 2012 eligible persons include residents of non EU Member States, provided that the residence will be used as their primary and permanent place of residence in the Republic. The documents supporting the ownership of the property must be submitted together with the application. The documents supporting the fact that the residence will be used as the primary and permanent place of residence (copy of telephone, water supply or electricity bill or of municipal taxes) must be submitted within six months from the date on which the eligible person acquires possession of the residence.

A person who ceases to use the residence as his primary and permanent place of residence before the lapse of the 10 year period must notify the VAT Commissioner, within thirty days of ceasing to use the residence, and pay the difference resulting from the application of the reduced and the standard rate of VAT attributable to the remaining period of 10 years for which the property will not be used as the main and primary place of residence.

Persons who make a false statement to benefit from the reduced rate are required by law to pay the difference of the additional VAT due. Furthermore, the legislation provides that such persons are guilty of a criminal offence and, upon conviction, are liable to a fine, not exceeding twice the amount of the VAT due, or imprisonment up to 3 years or may be subject to both sentences.

Cyprus Property grant for acquisition of first residence The grant is given to eligible persons for the construction, or purchase or transfer of a new residence which is used as the main and primary place of residence. The grant applies for contracts concluded up to 30 September 2011. The application for the grant is submitted to the Ministry of Finance, in relation to residences for which an application has been submitted for the issue of a planning permission after the 1 May 2004.

Persons entitled to this grant are individuals who are citizens of the Republic of Cyprus or of any other EU Member State, who reside permanently in the Republic of Cyprus and who have reached the age of 18 at the time of application. The grant is given for residences whose total covered area does not exceed 250 m². The level of the grant is limited to 130 m² (extended for families with four and more children) and depends on the type of the property and on whether the house was constructed or purchased. The relevant legislation provides that the level of the grant will be adjusted annually for the increase in the Retail Price Index.

Further reading Tax, Facts & Figures 2017 Cyprus

Courtesy Cyprus Property News

Cyprus Property grant for acquisition of first residence

Cyprus Property vat News

VAT reductions for first-time home buyers and a suspension of transfer fees are being discussed as part of the Cyprus government’s austerity measures to bolster the Island’s failing economy

GOVERNMENT lobbying by the Land & Building Developers Association (CLBDA) and the Land & Property Owners Association (KSIA) has been successful as proposals to reduce the tax on properties are now being discussed

The tax reduction proposals comprise:

Reducing the VAT to 5% for first-time home buyers for residences up to 250 square meters – and maintaining it at 15% for residences between 250 and 300 square metres. A suspension of property transfer fees for a three year period. A draft law concerning the reduction in VAT to 5% is expected to be discussed at today’s House Plenary session.

The Island’s property market has been in trouble for quite some time. Sales have fallen for thirteen consecutive months and are now down by almost 20% on the numbers sold last year. Unemployment in the sector has risen and the business climate deteriorated.

Assuming that these proposals are accepted by parliament and become law, they should go a long way in relieving the problems of the industry and should also help to clear the backlog of Title Deeds waiting to be issued.

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