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British drivers spend almost 30 per cent more to fill up than those in Cyprus

British motorists are shouldering the heaviest tax burden in the EU at the pumps, official  figures reveal.

The lowest fuel tax takes are in Cyprus, where just 43 per cent comes from tax and duties.

Sixty per cent of the price of unleaded petrol and 58 per cent of the cost of diesel is made up of duties and VAT in Britain, the highest percentages in the European Union.

Millions of drivers are already facing a regular £100 fill up for an average family-size car.

The figures show that the soaring tax take has made overall diesel pump prices in Britain the highest in the EU, while the price of unleaded petrol is the eighth highest.

The mid-January price for diesel in the UK was 141.3p a litre. But without tax and duties, it would be only 59.8p. Unleaded petrol cost 132.9p, although without tax and duties it would be a much more manageable 52.8p.

Pump prices continue to soar.  One garage on the M6 was spotted selling diesel for 150p a litre.

Chancellor George Osborne refused to slash fuel duty in next month’s Budget, saying he had already done enough to help drivers and that ‘the British government has run out of money’.

In total UK drivers pay a third more for diesel than their counterparts in Luxembourg, according to the figures, published in the European Commission’s Oil Bulletin and available in the House of Commons Library.

There is a similar story with unleaded petrol. Some 60 per cent of the pump price in Britain is down to tax and duties – just ahead of Greece, Italy, Netherlands and Sweden on 59 per cent.

The lowest tax takes are in Cyprus, where just 43 per cent comes from tax and duties. British drivers spend almost 30 per cent more to fill up than those in Cyprus.

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